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Welcome to Your FLOCK. This is a quick activity that will help you strengthen your core value of Caring in Your Company Culture. 

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Wind down routine

This is a simple activity you can do every day helping you to avoid burnout and allow you to find the right work-life balance. Especially, when you are working from home.

This exercise will help you set a clear cut-off point between work and personal life. It will improve your well-being and work-life balance.

You should do this exercise every day. It should take 5 minutes just before you are done working for the day.


Activity Description

Step 1

Before you decide to stop working, set 5 minutes to wind down. 

If you work in a team, please encourage your teammates to do the same!

Step 2

Write down 3 things that went well today at work on either post-it notes, or in your notepad. 

Leave those notes next to your workstation so you can see them again first thing in the morning. So you can start the next day on a positive note!

Step 3

Share and communicate the fact that you are about to finish working for the day. You can share it with your team (if you have one) or tell/write to anyone you work with. 

Sharing will help you commit to finishing work and people will be less likely to require you to work when you are off the clock once you make it official!


About Your FLOCK…

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