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Who is MountDigital?

MountDigital is a Manchester based award-winning digital marketing agency. They offer a full spectrum of digital marketing services but particularly specialise in paid social. Securing quality results (leads and sales) is at the very heart of what they do. They are also based in WeWork, Manchester – like us!

 How did our story begin?

In the photo above you can see Michal, our CEO of FLOCK, having a meeting with Jordan Wilson, Managing Director of MountDigital. After securing a succession of new clients and scooping an accolade at The Northern Digital Awards 2018, MountDigital was looking to expand its team.

Find out more about them and what they do on their website here

How did we help them?

Last February 2018, we met up at our office at WeWork and we noticed that they were looking for a new team member to take a new role. Shortly after we started to map MountDigital’s culture.

Their company mission is to help out clients by creating a results-driven environment. They work in a fast-paced environment and this is why we had to be quick and effective. Our team managed to quickly map their company and create detailed culture fit reports of candidates just in a few meetings.

As a result, MountDigital was able to make an accurate and data-driven recruitment decision.

How long did the process last for?

2 week consultation process, 3 meetings, and a few emails.

How their new hire fit into their company?


 Click here to download a free sample of our culture fit report.

What does MountDigital’s company culture look like?

Thanks to the FLOCK assessment we were able to create a tailored image of MountDigital’s culture. We found that defining and delivering results to meet their client’s needs sits at the core of MountDigital and defines the way people interact within the team.

A key aspect of MountDigital’s culture is that team members have the autonomy and freedom to find the best way to be successful and achieve their objectives. They’ve also built a supportive, easy-going atmosphere which means staff is happy at work and this, in turn, is transparent in the results they achieve for their clients.

Benefits for them from working with us?

The main benefits of using culture fit assessment with FLOCK are:

  • Save Time
  • Increase Employee Retention
  • Improve Employee Satisfaction
  • Avoid Bad Hires
  • Find the right fit for your company
  • To Build a Passionate Workforce

And finally… what are their thoughts about FLOCK?

“The Macawly assessment enabled us to really define our core values and leverage them in the recruitment process. This has helped ensure that we’re not just recuiting someone with the right skills and knowledge but also based on a synergy in how we go about our work, which can sometimes be harder to judge during interview process. As a result, we’ve recently made a great appointment and they’ve seasmlessly settled in to the team.”

 Jordan Wilson, Managing Director of MountDigital


Find out more about FLOCK on:

FLOCK´s website and make sure that you connect with us on social media, by following us on twitter! 🙂

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