Introducing Ash Rishi of @COUCHhealth_co dedicated to making health research more inclusive.

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As you know each Monday we dedicate a mail out to one of our community members that is making the world a better place.  Our YourFLOCK Motivational Monday Member. 

This week it’s the turn of Ash Rishi. 

Who with the team at COUCH Health is dedicated to making health research more inclusive.


In 2002, Ash lost his father to prostate cancer. Had his doctor been sufficiently educated on the signs to look for, my father might still be here today. Had his father understood his own symptoms, he might still be here today too. 

And so Ash is motivated by the profound understanding that, collectively, we need to do better, in health care specially for people from diverse backgrounds. Which is why he started COUCH Health which has at its core a mission to improve the lives of everyone.

So we shouldn’t’ be surprised that this highly aligned team have core values like: 

Teamwork, Caring and Recognition 

All about COUCH Health. 

In plain terms, they create solutions that cut through the noise to improve patient insights, patient recruitment and patient retention on clinical trials. They specialise in connecting with people; be that patients, healthcare professionals or communities… and their results speak for themselves. With COUCH Health  – Ash Rishi is on a mission to make clinical trials better for everyone involved.  

How do they do that?  

To reach an established patient group, or a minority population, you need to engage community leaders, patient advocates, and key opinion leaders.

By developing these relationships with your target population, your study will be welcomed and trusted. 

Their connections with patient advocacy groups, passion and expertise mean we’re ready to support their clients and investigator sites in engaging with those that their clients find hard to reach.

COUCH Health is a brand new type of patient engagement agency.

That is committed to making patient experiences human. Which has at its core a mission to improve the lives of everyone.

And so they are our Motivational Monday Member.

We are very happy that they have chosen to help keep their team together and increase their employee retention. As well as promoting a happier company culture.

With weekly feedback sessions, employee engagement surveys and 1-2-1 help. To make their team leaders get better and better at managing people. And their people happier and happier.

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