Amazing #TechTuesday news as… Social Chain MD Katy Leeson joins Your FLOCK board AND…

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We change the look and feel of YourFLOCK for our team leaders. As our little tech #remotework #company culture creating startup prepares for a new stage of product development and growth

Don’t believe us.

Log in today to YourFLOCK. And see for yourself – our new 3 click support function. 

Inspired by Katy’s inspirational comments some months ago. As Katy – who has been a champion of learning and development and company culture at Social Chain. A company of now some 500 people said:

“This learning is the real deal of the company culture and is key for the employee experience at Social Chain… It’s all about the skills you can give your people as an employer. Not just skills for the job but skills for life, as happy people will create the best work for clients.”

And this is the inspiration for our new feature – the 3 click support function for team leaders. One which Katy has used herself. As one of our first pilots…

Katy Lesson:

It’s this idea. Of skills for life. That we admire Katy’s management of Social Chain. During a time of unprecedented growth. She was the inspiration for our newest feature. As we love not just bringing people new skills and mindsets with the Your FLOCK Activities.

But being able to provide motivation for BOTH sides of the table. For team leaders and for team players. People living their values and making a difference. And to give people jobs to work with us to do so…

As Katy says:

“The platform helps you to understand your teams’ individual values, and how they align with those of your company to create a strong company culture. We have begun testing it at Social Chain to understand different values and team dynamics to get the most out of people.  Your FLOCK is unlike many other data and people analytics startups. They don’t just talk about culture, values, and diversity, they live it. And it doesn’t get much better than that.”

Which is very kind of her to say. And it’s true. It’s what we do here at YourFLOCK, as Katy joins the already very diverse Board from the end of September. As unlike many tech start-ups. Your FLOCK’s Board comprises more than 60% women. Whilst our tech team is 60% from diverse backgrounds as well – which is unheard of. And so we are VERY VERY happy to have Katy Leeson join our dream team on the board.

The Your FLOCK Board.

We are so lucky to have people including:

As well as co-founders Michal Wisniewski and Dan 🔥 Sodergren who have been very lucky over the years to know such wonderful people. 

But it’s not just been luck at Your FLOCK.

This year, like for many companies, has needed a truly HUGE team effort. Both from a psychological, cultural and technical POV. 

As a tiny startup thanks to our seed round of investors. Including Jess Jackson, who has supported myriad tech start-ups. Via her senior advisor role at The Growth Company, which was a key investor in its latest round. We have been very fortunate to know so many great people and get them on board. 

As, founding Board member, Sandy Lindsay MBE, comments:

“The founding partners, Dan Sodergren and Michal Wisniewski, have carefully and very impressively crafted a Board. Which literally spans the full gamut of knowledge and expertise we now need. As we move into the next exciting phase of development and growth. I’ve learned so much already from all of the longer standing exec and new Board members. And Katy’s appointment is another ‘win’ for the business. Especially as she has been hands-on trialing the product in one of our leading target sectors: ‘fast growing tech led enterprises’, so can give us some real insight.”

With these insights and amazing investors and supporters. We managed to get through the pandemic and grow. We pivoted. And changed demographics, accelerated into product market fit and moved into #machine learning. All with the aid of our wonderful clients and customers and investors and backers. Everyone has helped us. Building a massive foundation of the understanding of data. In team dynamics and #employee engagement.

Your FLOCK. 

So we can now say we are the world’s 1st award winning (thanks to Rising Stars)  Team Engagement Platform based on individual values… So massive thanks to everyone that has worked with us and may work with us again.

Including but not exclusive to: –

Peter Umoren

Joshua Olonade

Cassidy Terblanche

And two or three more people that for NDA reasons cannot be mentioned online.

Thanks for the secret #machinelearning and “AI to be” stealth work.

It’s all coming together. But we still want more people to help us so yes… 


Especially on the technical side of things.

“Do DM us if you would LOVE to change the world of #work for millions.”

And a HUGE thanks to all the media outlets in Manchester that shouted about our success. And massive thanks to ConkerPR for helping them do that too.

This is such a HUGE story for us. That we wanted to tell the world. 

So thank you for helping us do that.


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