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Kathy Morris.

Kathy Morris Loves Your FLOCK Kathy Morris is an exceptional consultant and coach – specialising in leadership development and coaching for impact in any situation, both personal and professional. She is an award-winning specialist with over 30 years international experience in the creation and strategic leadership of: 

  • L&D functions,
  • leadership development,
  • performance
  • and talent management.

She delivers training around executive and impact coaching for personal focus, influence and transformation. She has an in-depth understanding of learning and development, the implementation of large-scale leadership initiatives and a sound understanding of cross-cultural implications of L&D initiatives. As her LinkedIn profile says she is all about:

“Entrepreneurial People Transformation”

This is why she uses Your FLOCK for her team and employee engagement across the whole organisation soon – with Paxman. She has also worked with organisations like Thomson Reuters, Royal Sun Alliance and Hays on their leadership programmes and company cultures.

With Paxman she is Manager of Culture and Learning Development, overseeing the development and execution of culture and learning initiatives to support the business and its people in a time of exceptional growth.

As she says:

‘At a critical time for our business, having Your FLOCK has been essential in helping us identify our organisational culture and value set. It will be vital in our entire talent management process going forward. Easy to use with clear, no-nonsense reports.”


As Kathy says, Paxman is growing and growing. And that’s a great thing as Paxman, is another Your FLOCK client, that is making the world a better place, as they have been pioneering scalp cooling technology for over a quarter of a century.

Their clinically proven cold cap system has helped over 100,000 cancer patients. In more than 50 countries worldwide to retain their hair during chemotherapy.

Paxman, having carried out extensive trials and product development have created a system that is clinically proven, cost-effective, and widely embraced. by doctors, nurses, and patients alike. They are committed to the research and development of scalp cooling to improve efficacy for all patients across the world.

So, it shouldn’t surprise you that their top company culture’s core value is CARING. And they have a high employee engagement score of over 90%.

Which hasn’t been easy as Kathy says:

“Using Your FLOCK has made tough recruitment decisions easier. And helped us recruit best-fit candidates for Paxman. As our business grows internationally. Your FLOCK is helping us hire the right people. To add value to Paxman and our company culture. And to avoid selecting the wrong candidate. That could cost the business money in the future.”

Global growth.

As said Paxman is growing and growing. Especially in the USA, where the Paxman Scalp Cooling System offers many benefits for use in:

– hospitals,

– chemotherapy clinics,

– or healthcare facilities.

As they work with many leading global, regional and local organisations. With a list of international distributors constantly growing, they provide a world-class service to match our world-class system.

We wish them the very best in growing their business, (which is now up to 50 people) and making the world a better place for their patients. 

Want to know more about them?

Find out more on their business at and at

And find Kathy on @impactissima on twitter. 

And at Linkedin on

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