Your FLOCK Friday – Introducing John Hastings and Recycle IT.

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As you know we love talking about our users here at Your FLOCK. Especially if they are changing the world in a positive way. And John Hasting from Recycle IT is no exception.

John Hastings:

John Hastings As not only is he someone that believes in the power of changing people. But also in empowering people to help themselves.

As he says:

“As a former big issue vendor. I know only too well. The difference a little bit of help can make to a person’s confidence and the ability to empower from within”

This is something that he has proven with his CIC Recycle IT.

Recycle IT

Recycle IT collects unwanted computers and IT equipment primarily from the north west. And under environmental legislation and licensing they look at reusing the equipment. In both the developing countries (with help from computer aid international.) And the local community through growing local networks and organisations.

It’s a fine organisation. Which takes your old computers and laptops you don’t want or need anymore. And once collected the equipment is:

–  checked,

– inspected,

– and any data present wiped,

– to a professionally high standard.

Producing ether reusable computer equipment. That they make available at a realistically affordable price ( for example – ÂŁ40 for a complete package which is internet ready etc…..) Or if your old machine can’t be saved. Then the equipment is broken down and separated.

With any usable parts salvaged and stock piled for later use within the workshop. And for spare parts for the community. To access when something’s broken and needs replacing in their equipment. 

They genuinely help bridge the digital divide. And facilitate low cost PC packages to people and organisations that can’t afford high street prices. And welcome suggestions or collaborations to aid further reuse or upcycling.

Their Values:

As a part of the ethos of Recycle-IT is the understanding that they are a community based company (C.I.C). And so they have regular meetings and involvement from community members. And advisor’s to help and include EVERYONE. Within the development and future of the organisation.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise that his three core values are:

  • Teamwork: 88%
  • Adaptability: 75%
  • Caring: 63%

Now in 2021 John is rebooting Recycle-IT in Bolton. With lots of local community inclusion and support.  As during the lock down, John and his team began the development of Recycle-IT:

– finding directors,

– incorporating the business as a community interest company

– and as a social enterprise find it’s culture and values 

– to collaborate and network with the local community. 

His team is growing and growing and using Your FLOCK to help them find the right people. As John says:

“[Your FLOCK] is really great and I loved the results. Very informative and true to my personal beliefs and mantra. This is an amazing SaaS and one we are sure to use and implement as our team grows.”

We hope his team grows and grows. And does more great things. Not just for his local community with cheaper IT equipment helping bridge the digital divide. But also helping the global environment too.

Both things that we here at Your FLOCK are great believers in.

Have any old computer equipment that you need recycling like we did here at Your FLOCK.

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And want to know how Your FLOCK can help Your team too.

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