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Last week it was WORLD VALUES DAY. October 15th 2020. Which is very important day for the future of work.

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And so it was interesting that only 24 hours later.

I left The Landing – the tech and innovation hub for MediaCityUK. A place that I have been involved with (on and off) since before the first brick was laid.

It’s a great space and place in MediaCityUK – itself a potential smart city of the future. And still has amazing potential.

I am very grateful for my time there.

So why leave?

One reason was… that my position was made redundant and I wasn’t at the right time in my career. To reapply for a lower position. The other is that – in truth – working for The Landing no longer aligned to my own personal values.


It’s a deep question and worth answering. And if you haven’t got time for a deep reflection on it all. Then we designed Your FLOCK to help people like you. People perhaps remote working and tech savvy and time poor.

That have time enough to do a quick 5 minute survey to find out Your 3 Core Values.

It works.

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We distilled a one day workshop into a SAAS platform. So it takes only 5 minutes to do. (But make sure you do it on a computer rather than a mobile… as then it takes longer.)

But back to the question – what are your values?

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They are the things underneath the things.

They are the things that drive you.

Those things that motivate you.

They are core to your very being and are the foundations for your beliefs and attitudes and behaviuors and even skills.

When your values don’t align with a business.

You don’t work as hard for the business.

You are not engaged. You don’t want to do more than you have to.

We all know this feeling…Right?

When your values ARE engaged or aligned.

You love working.

You love taking action.

You do more than you have to. Y

ou do so. Because you like doing it.

It’s even more than this. Depending on your age – you might even LEAVE your job or at least get paid less to work for a company that aligns with your values. As the new Linkedin WorkPlace report has found.

“Nearly nine out of ten, or 86 percent, of millennials (those between the ages of 22 and 37) would consider taking a pay cut to work at a company whose mission and values align with their own….

By comparison, only 9 percent of baby boomers (those between the ages of 54 and 72) would”

No matter what. At any age. Past 14. Everyone had values.

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Everyone had values. At Your FLOCK (following on from research from Stanford University) we have 9 key values or attributes. That our survey aligns you too.

And then the system (and answers you give) discovers

Your 3 Core Values.

This works for groups as well.

In fact, Your FLOCK was made for teams. Especially remote teams.

Where the managers need more connection with their teams when working from home.

The more people that do Your FLOCK – the more you can see how productive your team will be. As you see how aligned their values are…

But that’s just the business reason for using Your FLOCK. During covid to help even more people (very much aligned to my values) we launched: ACTIVITIES:


These brand new activities and exercises are in the FLOCK chatbot style. And they help You strengthen Your 3 Core Values. To:

  • help you progress with your career,
  • help strengthen your best attributes
  • and develop the motivations that are important to you.


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For example, one of my core values is around being:

Results Focused.

So my Activity this week was all about that.

How I can help myself be more motivated.

Whilst remote working.

Tying into my deeper values.

And rewarding myself for a job well done.

For you it might be – any one of our 9 Key Attributes.

But it will always be connected (as you are) to Your 3 Core Values.

If you haven’t done your first Your FLOCK Survey.

Do it now – on your computer.

For free until the end of October.


If you have done Your FLOCK Survey – then

Simply log back in AND click the button:


It’s at the top left of Your FLOCK Profile. Big Blue Button. You can’t miss it.

But joking aside – why did we spend all this time making Your ACITIVIES?


As heard from our customers that with more and more people remote working – wanted a kind of digital coach. To go alongside our company culture map.

So our new Your FLOCK Activities were born. As if you are

– a boss of a growing company

– a team leader of a tech start up

– a head of a school going through changes

– a manager of a newly remote team

– or admin for your team inside a bigger company

Making your team / company more productive is one of the main reasons YOU signed up for Your FLOCK. It’s also why we created YourFLOCK. But as a leader it also might have been to help:

  • Support your people during remote working and covid.
  • Especially the younger members of the team. If they are new to it.
  • Or just an interest in creating a company culture map and team action plan.

Either way… Now Your FLOCK helps Your Team with their own personal development goals.

With exercises for each of your team members to do.

So check it out. And if you can. Do remember to live by Your VALUES.

Your life is your statement to the world.

Which is why:

“Working to and on Your values – for the future of Your work and the future of our world is one of the most important things you can do in Your life.”

Do you agree? Please comment below 🙂

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This piece originally appeared in #LinkedIn.
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