Why Diversity and Inclusion Matters Now For Modern Marketing. And for us all….

Did you know that in one global study by IPSOS. 72% of people stated they felt most advertising does not reflect the world around them. Or that globally only 2% of people working in marketing are [...]

Why Your Company Culture is so important to map RIGHT now.

How long before you feel like: “How engaged are my employees or other team members?” How engaged are they really? As a leader of a team and a business you have to answer this. And YOU [...]

Are you fit for work? How this is the wrong question and what the #MPABigDebate proved right …

It is always nice to be asked to talk with other peers around the future of work and remote working for www.YourFLOCK.co.uk The MD of The IF Agency and MPA Chair, Christian James, chaired the [...]

20 Motivational and Inspiring Company Culture Quotes We Love – Every Leader Should Read!

As you know we love to help shape your company culture! Company culture is what differentiates a company, service or product from another. Experiences, assumptions, relationships and emotional [...]

Post-Pandemic Working from home – What HR and Leaders Should Be Thinking About

Post-Pandemic Working from home in this piece – we will discuss: Safety measures to be considered when going back to work.  Employee well being when working from home  Agile working when [...]

What is Company Culture And what Does it Mean to you? Example, Definition and Quotes From FLOCK Because Company Culture Matters.

What is Company culture (the modern HR buzzword)? You’ve probably heard the C word a lot lately, but in times of crisis it is vital for teams to work together and at their best. Each [...]

Your FLOCK’s Monday Meeting- Be Conscious of Your Communication!

Today is an exciting day for FLOCK as our CEO Michal returns to work from being on furlough. COV-19 has added pressure on many remote working teams- as you can imagine it hasn’t been ideal [...]

Thursday Thoughts From FLOCK- Listen to Music When Working from Home!

To start my remote working day with FLOCK, I make myself a coffee, turn my laptop on and then read the news. Today, little to my knowledge is Kylie Minogue’s birthday! Of course, from this I [...]

How to Build a Strong Employer Value Proposition (EVP)?

Could you imagine being part of an organisation that sells itself? Attraction is easy, retention is the norm and you and your colleagues enjoy coming to work. Creating a strong internal and [...]

5 Powerful tips to improve employee engagement by Flock

5 Powerful tips to improve employee engagement by Flock Some facts about employee engagement in the UK. According to Gallup´s survey which tracked a set of workplace metrics among employed [...]