Culture Fit Recruitment – RJF

FLOCK helped find the best-fit candidates and unlock their potential based on values and culture.

– Rob Jones, Managing Director of RJF




RJF is a Manchester based accountancy that supports a number of businesses in Manchester providing a range of accounting and business support.




RJF is a new and a very successful accountancy in Manchester. Due to its success Rob – the founder of RJF – had to hire new employees to support his continuous growth.


STEP 1: Culture Mapping

We measured their company core values using our research-based assessment and crystalised it using our culture reports.

Check out our culture report here

STEP 2: Recruit For Culture Fit

We created the screening link used to assess candidates and decipher their values and see how well they fit within RJF’s specific culture.

STEP 3: Culture Fit Reports

We created reports showing motivations of candidates and their specific impact on the unique culture of RJF.

STEP 4: Quick and smart hiring decision with an employee management advice

Using our software RJF identified candidates who were more motivated and committed to working in their unique company culture. Rob is now managing them more effectively.

Check out our culture fit report here


  • Recruited a number of new employees

  • All employees recruited using FLOCK were found to have above-average performance and engagement after 6 months

  • Culture Fit report

  • Improved employee retention

  • Avoiding bad hires a cost that comes with it

  • Quicker and wiser decision based on culture fit.