Apaleo creates stronger teams ahead of growth – Martin, COO at apaleo

Apaleo create stronger teams ahead of growth

Your FLOCK defined our company culture and helped us set it so our employees keep developing and we attract the right candidates as we grow.’

Martin Reichenbach, Founder and COO at apaleo




apaleo makes hotel technology simple. They are a young and a successful startup from Germany operating world-wide. apaleo provides a PMS platform that connects all these systems quickly and seamlessly.

Its employees are fans of The Avengers and consider themselves all as superheroes in the hospitality market.




apaleo has grown from 14 founders (!) to over 25 people today, after securing a round of investment. They are currently experiencing a significant growth and planning to raise more investment in the near future.

The tech industry experiences some of the highest employee turnover out of all industries on the planet. As a tech  company grows, it is important that they create the right internal culture, recruit the best-fit candidates, and maintain a high-performing culture.

Martin knew all this and after reading this article he signed up with Your FLOCK!




Employee Culture Assessment

Your FLOCK uncovered and aggregated individual values of apaleo employees across the business. The outcome of the analysis provided the company with:

  • A better understanding of individual differences and synergies
  • A quantified culture definition of apaleo which can be leveraged in the recruitment process
  • Actionable insights describing the best approach to work as a team and create a more engaging culture.


  • Actionable insights for teams to design a more engaging collaboration between employees

  • Improved recruitment using a data-driven and quantified culture-based assessment

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