Denison Consulting curates a collaborative culture with Your FLOCK

Your FLOCK helped enhance our coordination across remote workshops to cultivate a curious and collaborative culture.’

– Margaret Gorman, Denison Consulting



Denison Consulting is dedicated to helping organisations improve their performance by improving their organisational culture and leadership. 

Beginning in 1998, Denison’s global practice grew from a set of diagnostic assessments, rooted in our research linking organizational culture and leadership to business performance.

By leveraging decades of research and experience, they offer clients insights, tools and actions that allow them to maximise their human capital. They are experts in their field. 


Prior to the pandemic, the company had most of its employees based in one location.

During the pandemic, Denison became a truly remote organisation, employing people across the US and the globe. 

Denison was in process of curating their next generation of enterprise leaders and cultivating a curious collaborative work ecosystem in the digital age.

This was especially important for them as most of their employees were remote and geographically dispersed.

After meeting Your FLOCK at a joint online event where key members of both companies were speaking, Denison signed for the 6-month Team Togetherness Programme. 

Your Example Feedback Report for Your FLOCK team



Each employee at Denison first used our Five-Minutes Research-Based Survey to identify the core values of each individual. This helped us find what motivates them the most at work.

Denison could visually better understand the personal value orientation of employees and how to interact with each other to create more productive teams.

Then, they collected One-Minute Fortnightly Feedback from the team uniquely personalised to each individual.

On the back of the feedback, YourFLOCK sent Fortnightly One-Page Reports to each team leader with an overview of team engagement and action plans for 1-2-1s with employees that required support.



During the six months, Your FLOCK helped propel the teams’ awareness of each other’s value orientation so all employees can “harmonize” as they coordinate their work with clients.

Your FOCK provided a better understanding of team members’ talents and preferences which in turn enhances space for voice as Denison co-creates their next generation Denison 2.0. 

The Denison team is very transparent, caring, and determined to maintain high engagement internally. During the Team Togetherness Programme, we recorded the following results.

  • Employee engagement increased by 15% up to 91%.
  • Employees shared 38 different behaviours they recognised as more engaging.
  • 30 different 1-2-1 suggestions to raise employee engagement

We worked with 30 people across six different teams in the business. We can see that thanks to Denison’s investment in people policy they have a great global company culture that is resilient to the pressures of remote working.

We believe that with a 91% employee engagement score they have created and developed a truly powerful company culture enabling Denison Consulting to grow further and strengthen its leading position in the market.

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