How could you change you company culture and increase employee retention with Your FLOCK?

Your FLOCK helped us to understand our team better and create a culture that retains top employees.

– Marcin Durlak, Managing Director, IMD


Your FLOCK is an employee engagement platform based on values.

  • Your FLOCK first finds out about your employee’s individual values. 
  • Then Your FLOCK works out your individual company culture map. 
  • And then it gets feedback on how you all could be living your values.
  • You / your team can then change your actions and behaviours. 

Your FLOCK helps you align with your team. Enabling you to give your employees the support they need to stay in your business so they are happier and more productive.


IMD is a law firm bringing together a diverse team of experts and helping international clients to solve their legal issues in the UK.

The company is about 25 employees and 10 self-employed consultants and is led by Iwona and Marcin Durlak.

Your FLOCK Example Report


HOW? We worked out their values AND SO they took action.

  • 1st value: Personal Growth
    • AND SO More personalised training was given. 
  • 2nd value: Autonomy
    • AND SO A more hybrid work culture was created. 
  • 3rd value: Caring
    • AND SO More charity work was enabled. 

They connected with and aligned with their employees more.

  • Your FLOCK highlighted the need for 38 quick actions for managers over the past 12 months. Actions included simple tasks like, ‘Share customer feedback’, or ‘Discuss any new skills/things they would like to learn.’ Those simple tasks were quick to implement and were personalised to each employee based on what each person valued the most.
  • Employees also share 74 different comments that gave management opportunities to praise and motivate their team members

Their employee retention is NOW TWICE the industry standard.

  • IMD Solicitors became the finalists of The Modern Law Awards for Diversity & Inclusion and Law Firm of The Year. 
  • They have a more aligned company culture by having a more personalised management style for each employee. 
  • They improved their relationships with social actions like walks together to raise money and other charity actions.

Minimising employee turnover created a cost-saving of over £100,000/year for IMD by minimising hiring, onboarding, and management costs.

We are very impressed with the results above. Based on their progress and the focus on investing in people, we firmly believe that IMD is onto something great. It is set to create a truly unique culture enabling IMD to grow further and strengthen its leading position in the market.

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