Your FLOCK Culture Fit Recruitment – Artisan

‘Your FLOCK helped us to define our company culture and find out how to manage our team to get the best performance.

– Craig Kirkcaldy, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Artison Digital Agency




Artisan Digital Agency is a Manchester based digital agency. Artisan Digital are here to help all food and drink brands maximise the opportunity they have to get more people around their table. By immersing themselves in the industry and having an innate understanding of what drives customer decision making, they can help businesses stand out and realise their full potential.




Although Artisan is a new startup in Manchester they quickly grew in numbers as a company. Craig and Andrew had to recruit new employees to support their rapid growth and be able to deliver high-quality service to their clients.


STEP 1: Culture Mapping

We mapped their company culture using our research-based assessment to define the core values of founders and the business.

Check out how our culture report looks like here

STEP 2: Recruit For Culture Fit

We assessed their candidates using our  screening link to see how well they fit within Artisan’s specific culture.

STEP 3: Culture Fit Reports

We created reports showing values, leadership style, and growth opportunities of candidates and their specific impact on the unique culture of Artisan.

STEP 4: Quick and smart hiring decision

Artisan quickly identified candidates who were the best fit for their unique company culture and were able to manage them more effectively.

Check out how our culture fit report looks like here



We captured the uniqueness of Artisan by creating their unique core values map.

Artisan is a company with a clear guiding philosophy with a very high intensity of customer focus. Artisan delivers its service by being analytical, emphasising quality, and continuously learning from mistakes.

Artisan´s strong foundation of their company culture helped them to use their core values as a single guiding force to win the competitive battle for customers and new employees.

Thanks to Flock they quickly recruited a great team to support their fast growth!


  • Recruited new employees quickly
  • Culture Fit report
  • Improved employee retention & productivity
  • Avoiding bad hires
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