Trolex’s organisational re-structure ahead of market diversification – Glyn Jones, Group CEO

Trolex’s organisational re-structure ahead of market diversification

‘Thanks to our work with Your FLOCK we are now able to develop a clear plan to help our employees and candidates feel more engaged and be more productive at work.’ 

– Glyn Jones, Group CEO at Trolex




Trolex provides best-in-class safety technology to ensure workers in challenging environments are never put at risk. The business has been operating for over 60 years within mining, tunnelling, oil and gas, and other heavy industrial sectors. and distributes to over 40 countries and to some of the world’s leading corporations.




Innovative and disruptive research & development has been one of the top priorities at Trolex in recent years. The company has engineered a number of pioneering new products with a high-growth potential. As a result, Trolex began to enter new markets with new products diversifying its growth strategy and recruiting new employees.

Trolex wanted to further invest in its people and create a working culture that engages with its employees and creates a unique selling point when entering new markets and in attracting new talent. 




STEP 1: Culture Profiling

Using our software we found out the following:

  • Existing vs. desired company culture
  • Employee commitment
  • Financial value of the existing company culture
  • Opportunities, Challenges, and Actions necessary to achieve the desired state

STEP 2: Culture Insights

The Your FLOCK dashboard presented a number of insight reports presenting how culture changes across the organisation (departments, hierarchy etc.) and listing essential action necessary to improve employee productivity and engagement.

STEP 3: Core Values Workshop

Trolex leadership team and Your Flock ran a half-a-day session designed to derive Trolex core values.

STEP 4: Culture-Based Recruit

Flock is now helping Trolex make quick and smart decisions for the best candidates who add value to the unique Trolex culture to sustain their growth.


  • Internal policy changes within a week of completing the profiling software.
  • The uniqueness of Trolex culture captured by crystalising a set of their unique core values using Your Flock reports.
  • Crucial analysis necessary to improved employee engagement, retention, & productivity provided.
  • Recruited new employees quickly and successfully
  • Avoiding bad hires and their associated costs
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