Slight change of time TOMORROW April 28th from 3 – 4pm.

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Live Streaming across all OUR social channels… for Your FLOCK the team engagement platform.

Come find us on:

Our next LinkedIn Live replay event. April 28th at 3pm.

A law firm / legal services special with our selected keynote speakers discussing:

The #future of work:

How do we see the future of work in different industries? Will we move completely to the Metaverse, go back to the office, or find something in between?

Talent Retention and #diversity and inclusion:

How do we set and retain diverse teams and make sure we get the full advantage of having diverse and inclusive teams?

Effective #leadership:

How do the leaders of today need to be and what does the the future look like?

To be effective do our leaders need to change? And how will they to help team dynamics and employee engagement?

We will discuss this and more by tapping into the knowledge and experience of our amazing speakers with a special focus on the #future of #work for the #legal services industry.


You can sign up here to ensure a seat through LinkedIn.

Or come find us on:

It will going out on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. At 3 till 4pm (GMT) TOMORROW.

We would love to see you there.

Come and ask our co founder Michal Wisniewski any questions about how and why YourFLOCK works retain your top talent.

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