FLOCK Platinum Annual Subscription

£4,788.00 +VAT


Increase profitability by up to 21%

FLOCK enables your team to collaborate and engage more effectively. More engaged teams are found to be 21% more profitable than their peers (Gallup Q12 Meta-Analysis, 2016)


Avoid bad hire costs of up to 300% of first-year salary

Bad hires don’t only affect the job itself but the entire team and company productivity. Those costs can add up to 300% of base salary! (Recruitment & Employment Confederation, 2017)


Increase retention by up to 59%

Highly engaged teams in low-turnover organisations are found to stay longer with their employer when compared with their peers (Gallup Q12 Meta-Analysis, 2016).




Build a Passionate Workforce with Science

Psychometric testing is complex and costly. At FLOCK, we provide simplicity & transparency backed by organisational psychology and technology.

Create a unique culture map using FLOCK technology and find people motivated by the same core values. Having a diverse group of highly motivated individuals will help your business grow.

What is Company Culture?


To be honest, there is no consensus about how to specifically define company culture. It is a complex & dynamic concept and has over 150 different definitions!

This is why the purpose of culture analysis defines how we think about culture. The best simplification to interpret a culture is by using a pyramid. Core Values create the foundation of this pyramid and allow the entire company culture to grow upon.

They define what drives and motivates employees to work harder while enjoying what they do. At FLOCK, we help businesses and individuals to quantify their own core values and align them together to create a purpose-driven and passionate workforce.

Measurement of Culture Fit

FLOCK methods measure a Person-Organisation Fit (PO). The assessment is based on a valid & reliable Organisational Culture Profile (OCP) model, first introduced in 1991 by O’Reilly, Chatman & Caldwell and still one of the most widely used methods of measuring a person’s best fit to an organisation.

The latest research shows that PO has a significant correlation with:

  • Job satisfaction
  • Work commitment
  • Retention

Our methods are unlike any other commercially available solutions. We create unique culture profiles for companies, business units & individuals accommodating for the relative importance of values.

The culture fit assessment matches people and organisations together based on their core values and motivations.

FLOCK Assessment Technology


Unlike traditional psychometric tests, FLOCK technology uses a Q-sort method to map company cultures and individual motivations.

The FLOCK system aggregates the results of the assessment to measure 9 core dimensions of company cultures and individual motivations.

FLOCK methods use technology to correlate cultures of different business units to arrive at a % culture fit that indicates how well they fit together. FLOCK technology can also show how individual core value fit within the existing culture anticipating the commitment, satisfaction, and retention of an individual.


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