Why isn’t everyone using Your FLOCK?

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Your FLOCK’s team engagement platform is a relatively new concept that came into existence in June 2020. Your FLOCK has only recently closed its investment round and secured a government grant from Innovate UK to develop its platform. We’ve released the new version of our platform in September 2021 and have been improving our userbase ever since but we have not yet been able to take over the entire globe yet!

So far, product development and client feedback was a priority. Your FLOCK’s marketing budget is much lower than its competitors and hence our brand exposure is much lower than it is for our competitors.

This is why everyone isn’t using Your FLOCK yet. However, we do believe that the product speaks for itself and as we get more traction and secure the next round of investment we will be able to reach more people and get more and more people improve their employee retention with our engagement surveys.

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