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5 Powerful tips to improve employee engagement by Flock

Some facts about employee engagement in the UK.

According to Gallup´s survey which tracked a set of workplace metrics among employed Britons — including employee engagement, which is an index of workplace perceptions that are consistently predictive of positive business outcomes.

The most recent data, gathered in 2016, indicate just 8% of employed Britons are engaged at work, down from 17% in 2012.

“Only 8% of employees in the UK  are engaged at work. Managers can help solve this problem by looking after their employees”


3 Types of Employees

It is thought of the majority of leaders that the employees are a company’s most important asset. But in reality, that is only true for companies that are full of engaged people. The rest of unengaged employees are not adding enough value or are actively working against the company culture and values.

Firstly, to get a better understanding on to improve engagement with your workplace, we should be aware of the three types of employees in any organisatio

1- Engaged(only 15% of the workforce)

These are the ones who are loyal and emotionally committed to the organisation.

Even taking on responsibilities outside of their job description.

They are generally will stay with you organisation much longer than disengaged employees.

2- Not Engaged(sadly 67% of the workforce)

These employees can be difficult to identify, because sometimes are happy and satisfied and sometimes aren´t. So, they do the bare minimum and are not aligned with the company’s mission, vision, culture and values.

3- Actively Disengaged(incredibly 18% of the workforce)

We all have worked with unmotivated and disengaged people. They are very negative and their attitude can contaminate your business. And even worse than that, they are often the best skilled and prepared in their jobs, however as they feel unhappy and unmotivated they have significant influence over others. These employees can spread toxicity throughout your organisation and can rarely be transformed into engaged players.


5 Tips to improve your employee engagement

Implementing the best practices for improving engagement isn’t rocket science, but leaders must prioritised those, which means engagement and motivation at the workplace must be a core function of every manager’s role.

Here are the best tips on how to improve employee satisfaction and engagement:

1- Put them to work in their right positions.

As important is to hire motivated and engaged people for your company, as put them in the right position to be able to thrive in their jobs.

2- Provide them with training.

Every manager or leader should provide their team with their relevant training for their positions, as this would help them to develop and grow with the company.

This is a key factor to improve engagement these days, as with new technologies every job requires constant trainings and development to remove any obstacle to be happy and engaged at the workplace.

3- Meaningful work is key.

How meaningful work is key to employee engagement?

Having a sense of meaning from work is one of the top three most important factors cited by employees when it comes to job satisfaction and engagement

When people have a sense of meaning in their work, they become more committed to the organisation they work for and have a greater drive for producing results.

4- Get their feedback and opinion often.

The days of simply relying on annual reviews for providing feedback are gone.

Today’s workforce craves constant and regular feedback, which leads to faster correction and reduces problems, as well it helps you identify any issue or improvement that needs to be solve on time. Use different ways to get feedback from your employees, such us: monthly surveys, team meetings, or suggestion boxes.

5- Embrace transparency at the workplace.

A culture that values transparency in the workplace breeds engaged employees.

In fact, Harvard Business Review’s 2016 employee engagement survey revealed that 70 percent of those surveyed say they’re most engaged when senior leadership continually updates and communicates company strategy.

When it comes to engaging employees, it’s best to be open about company matters. Linkedin CEO Jeff Weiner fosters an organization built on transparency. He even takes the time to hold bi-weekly meetings, during which he updates employees on company matters and listens to their suggestions

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