Bug Bounty Programme

  1. Introduction and Scope

This Bug Bounty Programme (“Programme”) is designed to reward those who help us to improve our services by discovering and reporting bugs (“Bugs”) related to the services provided by Your FLOCK.

This Programme applies to all services and systems under the control of Your FLOCK. It does not apply to systems and services outside of our control.

  1. Reporting Bugs

Individuals or organisations who believe they have discovered a Bug related to our services should promptly notify us via our dedicated email address: [email protected].

The report should include detailed information about the nature of the discovered Bug, including steps to reproduce the Bug, screenshots, logs, scripts, or other evidence as applicable.

  1. Rewards

We may provide rewards to eligible reporters of Bugs. The decision to grant a reward, and the size of the reward, will be determined by us based on the severity and potential impact of the Bug, and the quality of the report.

Rewards may vary, but will typically fall within a range of £50 to £200 worth of our services, at our sole discretion. We reserve the right to decline to provide a reward for any reason.

  1. Safe Harbor Policy

We will not take legal action against or suspend or terminate the services for those who discover and report Bugs in accordance with this Programme, provided their actions do not involve unlawful activities, cause any harm to us or others, or violate our terms and conditions.

  1. Response

Upon receiving a report, we will use all reasonable endeavours to:

  • Acknowledge receipt of the report within five (5) business days.
  • Confirm the existence of the Bug, or request further information if necessary.
  • Make all reasonable efforts to address the Bug in an appropriate timeframe.
  • Inform the reporter of the resolution, and if applicable, the reward granted.

Please note: Participation in the Vulnerability Disclosure and Bug Bounty Programmes indicates acceptance of the terms of our existing Terms and Conditions, as well as the specific terms of these Programmes. Any potential conflicts between these Programmes and the existing Terms and Conditions shall be resolved at our discretion.

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