Toni Navarro, named as a new CMO of Macawly

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We´re beyond excited to be naming Toni Navarro as a CMO of Macawly, and we´re so looking forward to be making a difference with him in the company.

Who and how is Toni Navarro?

Toni is professional marketer born in Spain and living in Manchester, with more than 10 years of experience, he is an extremely direct communicator, who enjoys taking risks and overcoming challenges, and he is primarily motivated by achieving results.

Toni is a natural leader and uses his competitive drive and assertiveness to push himself and his teammates towards a successful outcome.

How this venture started?

Before meeting Michal, Toni had worked for a bunch of international companies managing their Marketing departments, having some great experiences, but also some bad ones.

One bad hire in particular, made such an impact on him, so the first time he met Michal the CEO, and he knew about Macawly, he suddenly fell in love with the mission of the company, therefore he wanted to be part of it, providing all his knowledge and experience to make the project works.

What is Toni´s believe?

He truly believes that avoiding bad hires would help to make this world better, as well as well help employees and companies to improve their performance and results.

A recent study says that one of the top reason for employees to leave their jobs, is because they don´t like the company culture, and 89% of the employees fail due to their poor attitude rather than skills.

So.. why not matching the right candidates with their best fit based on culture fit?

Actually, what interested the most to Toni about Macawly, was the mission to help companies and candidates to find their right cultural fits, which would definitely avoid bad hires in so many cases, save time, hassle and cost to everyone involved in the experience.

What´s his purpose?

As a CMO, he is so keen on not only support with the Marketing & Sales strategy, but also with the business development side, as he truly believes that the role of CMO is key to make a positive impact within the company, by taking care of customer relationship as well as exploring new areas of development for the business.

Who´s going to work with?

In this big challenge for Toni, he is going to be teaming up with Michal, the CEO a polish who also used to work in a company that did not fit his attitude, and after some time experiencing the negative effects of cultural mismatch first-hand, Michal decided to do something about it. (Connect with Michal on Linkedin here)

See above a photo of Toni(on the right), and Michal(on the left), working from their office based in We Work Manchester.

He made it his mission to help people find their calling at work. He conducted a research project with The University of Manchester to derive a set of methods designed to help organisations diagnose their culture and recruit individuals with a cultural fit.

Michal advises organisations on how to find people who identify themselves with what their company stands for, so companies and their employees can grow together creating a better future.

Does he actually fit into Macawly?

As many of you might ask, does Toni fits into Macawly´s company culture?

Is him a good fit for the company?

Of course, he undertook the culture assessment and he passed it, results were positive and Toni fits 87% which means is a good one for Macawly.

You can see the proof below, in a spider diagram which explains how Toni fits into Macawly´s culture.


What´s their real mission?

As a team, Macawly´s mission and company core values are aligned and ready to help companies to build a passionate workforce.

His Next Steps.

Build best relation with clients and make a difference for every each of them.

How to reach him out:


Toni´s Linkedin Profile here

Phone: +44 747 8957369

Find out more about Macawly on:

Macawly´s website and make sure that you connect with us on social media, by following us on twitter! 🙂

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