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At Your FLOCK we a growing remote working tech team. And are all about diversity and inclusion. And about tech being a positive force – not just for society as a whole as it is now – but to change society for the better. And so, quite infamously our CIO Dan Sodergren went on a limb at the start of this year – and said that…

“We refuse for our next hire at YourFLOCK to not come from an underrepresented group – no matter what. Even if this slows down our growth.”

A few people in the industry scorned the approach (off line) whilst a few applauded too (online.) The point being is – Your FLOCK decided to make a stand. And to care about diversity and inclusion. And do it. Not just talk about it. 

Why does Your FLOCK care?

At Your FLOCK we are building a piece of technology. That will help teams work out WHY they work together well or not so well. Based on their aligned core values.

We know that recruiting and managing people based on core values. Rather than by often biased internalized view points. Allows managers and tech owners to build a more diverse team.

More diverse teams build better tech products. As reported in Forbes… 

“Companies that have more diverse management teams have 19% higher revenue due to innovation. This finding is huge for tech companies.”

19% higher returns is not to be sniffed at. However, sadly during the times of covid, diversity is decreasing rather than increasing according to Computer Weekly. But at Your FLOCK we want more diversity in tech after covid times not less. This is proven by HOW we hire and recruit people. Not just people that remote work for us. Like our recruitment partners and remote working sub contractors. But our internal remote working team and even our investors and advisers.

Which is how Your FLOCK has such a diverse team. With 50% of our board being female. And now more than 50% of our team are people of colour.

Dan Sodergren, our CIO being Head of Diversity and Inclusion at www.MPA.org.uk. Europe’s largest group of technology, creative and media companies and individuals. As part of this volunteer work. Your FLOCK have sponsored Dan to lead #TheBigIDEA to help champion diversity in tech. And encourage tech companies in Manchester and beyond to employ more people from diverse backgrounds.

Which is why we are so happy to be able to say! That we DID it. But… 

How did we find Joshua and use YourFLOCK? 

Joshua was one of over 40 applications for the role.

We reviewed their CV’s and gave them all a technical test. 

We then interviewed 10 potential candidates.

These 10 people then did a Your FLOCK Survey. 

And we found that 4 aligned with our team’s values.

And so they came to a final interview.


By using Your FLOCK – we knew Joshua was the one.

Joshua Olonade got the job. And has just completed his first part time week with us. He will be a great asset to our growing start up. As he loves to solve problems with his expertise and experience. Which is going to be great whilst he remote works for Your FLOCK. He is also skilled in Web and Mobile App Development using:

  • Javascript,
  • REACT,
  • REACT Native,
  • PHP/MySQL,
  • HTML5/CSS3,
  • Node.js,

As well as being well versed in:

  • UI/UX Design,
  • Test Driven Development,
  • User Story Mapping etc.

And will be working on our new front end for the new Your FLOCK. Powered by machine learning. As we enter our stealth mode stage. If you would like to join our VIP waiting list please do so here.

Welcome on board Joshua.

Joshua Olonade. Born in Nigeria and studying at De Montfort University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. He now joins the newly growing Your FLOCK remote team culture mapper – as our 1st purely front end developer.

He is a great addition to Team YourFLOCK. As he previously worked at Capeworx and at Yannis Marketing (a JanisHQ Brand.) Helping them build Africa’s Top Health & Nutrition Solutions Company.

Which is funny, as at the same time, YourFLOCK was taking part in a health accelerator at MediaCityUK.

So we share similar beliefs about the future of the planet. We also share similar values but how do we know this? As this IS what YourFLOCK allows managers to do.

YourFLOCK allows managers to discover the core values of their potential team members. As well as map out their own team’s culture map from those already in the team. So as a manager – Michal Wisniewski the CEO of YourFLOCK already knew Joshua’s values.

From Joshua doing the Your FLOCK Survey after Michal initially interviewed him. So we are very excited to have Joshua on board. 

It’s a very exciting time for YourFLOCK. 

As Joshua is also a keen leadership enthusiast. Not something we would have known from the Your FLOCK Survey.  And so we recruit more and more people into our remote tech team we will be seeing how he progresses in the company. As with the funding from Innovate UK and our next round YourFLOCK is growing and growing. 

If you would like to join a fun tech team looking to change the future of work. Get in touch. 

And if you would like to join our VIP for when we launch – click here to do so. 

Happy Days. Happy Fridays. Happy First Week. Welcome Joshua Olonade to YourFLOCK.

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