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Businesses can go only as far as their people can take them. Getting the company culture right is always a hot topic when discussing accomplishments of successful companies. Silicon Valley grown-ups – founder and leaders of the likes of LinkedIn, Mozilla, or Allied Talent all emphasise the importance of maintaining a strong culture, especially when scaling up. They call it Blitzscaling.

Even recent scientific research found that cultures with strong core values of adaptability perform much better than their peers in terms of income growth, market value, and employee rating.

Company Culture can directly impact staff morale and the financial performance – there is no doubt. Yet, the likes of Uber still find it hard to make it right. In this article, we will introduce you to 3 UK-based companies that, in our opinion, got the culture right.



UKFAST is a Manchester-based B2B hosting company. They are best known for host management and cloud services. Lawrence Jones and Gail Jones founded a great company that cares about employees satisfaction as much as it cares about its customers.

They measure the office success by ‘the proportion of people that walk around in their socks’ fostering the environment of feeling at home. The driving force of UKFAST’s success comes from inspiring and engaging with their own employees.

UKFAST’s core values:


We’ll actively seek your thoughts on how to improve our service to you through simple feedback channels


We’ll provide a helpful and consultative service, creative solutions, and a ‘can do’ approach.


We’ll keep you informed through timely, precise and honest communication


We’ll build lasting relationships and help your business grow, regardless of your size or experience.


We’ll realistically manage your expectations by listening and caring.



Ometria is a London-based company that specialises in customer insight and marketing automation for retailers. At Omeria they pride themselves of creating a cult-like culture that can be contained in 3 words ‘We are exceptional.’

Ometria founder – Ivan Mazour – delivered a fantastic deck that specifically describes what exactly makes the ometarians ‘exceptional’ emphasising trust, similar way of thinking, problem solving, and working together.

Ometria’s mission is to be the brain that powers all communication between retailers and their customers. Ometria’s core values:

  • We are always polite & positive
  • We are honest and open
  • We love to learn & teach
  • We make this a better place to be
  • We deliver first, gain second
  • Everything we do is data driven
  • We deliver first, gain second
  • We never compromise
  • We totally trust each other
  • We win together
  • We have unwavering respect for our customer’s data



Skimlinks is a London-based company that specialises in contextual advertising. They’ve created an inspiring deck of how the company evolved from a ‘dream in a living room’ to a ‘multi-national company generating millions in revenue and making a positive mark in the world.’

Skimlinks developed their our hastag #Skimlove that describes the genuine warmth and fun shared by its employees with their customers. They measure success through the prism of teamwork, collaboration and the ability to make others happy.

Skimlink’s culture book (shortened version)


All Skimlinkers have a certain quirkiness and playfulness and makes them special and interesting.

Kick Ass

All Skimlinkers are talented, take pride in being great and strive to continually get better at what they do.


All Skimlinkers find clever solutions for problems, and find it fun to work together to solve tricky issues

Master of our domain

All Skimlinkers feel delight in taking ownership of their work, and take pride in doing an exceptional job on their own initiative.


All Skimlinkers are charming, fun, and interesting.

Open minded

All Skimlinkers are open-minded, welcoming of difference and diversity, and enjoy a cheeky joke.


Everyone is encouraged no only to have an opinion but to have the confidence to share it and do something about it.


All Skimlinkers aspire to be entrepreneurs themselves one day, and love to be part of the close-knit company that is growing.

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